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So who cares for your website?

Have you had this experience when someone calls you and says they are calling from so and so company, you search them on Google and come upon a really shabby website. Your image of the company you are talking to falls apart. Now would you want to do business with a company like that or would you consider taking up a job with them?

I’ve had this experience more than once, and the astounding part, many of them claim to be online marketing companies. What?… With such poor content, little or no SEO, nothing to distinguish the site as a 2.0 website, precious little information on their services, I yearn to ask them how they manage to do business if any, but usually take the faster and more pleasant way out by saying a simple ‘No’.

If you don’t care for your website, why should I

In case you as a company have forgotten, your website is your public face. It is your advertisement for all to see, and a pretty cost effective one at that. Who in their sane mind would want to waste an opportunity like that to advertise themselves, yet so many companies would, and do.

A shabby website speaks volumes on how much you care about your own company, how much you have conceptualized your products and services, how much you strive to distinguish yourself from the myriad competition. Poor English, meagre content, indicates you’d rather be found chasing the money, or maybe that you haven’t looked at your site in years.

Updating a site with current information, making sure it displays the current year, means that you are concerned about your appearance, that you care to make the right impression; people who would like to do business with you find it easier to read about you, understand you and determine if they could gel with you. Prospective employees also get a better understanding of your style of business, learn about your products and are able to determine if they could fit into your organization. A well maintained website, helps you attract better talent and generate much needed leads, free of cost.

The first thing most people do when they hear the name of an individual or company they need to interact with is Google them, and if you don’t make the best first impression, it might create a lasting bad impression.

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