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Goa is baking

Goa is baking

For those who need more evidence that Global Warming is for real, read this about Goa.

Mercury rising, humidity levels above normal: February 20, 2009, was the hottest day in the last 38 years with the maximum temperature of the day recorded at 39.2 degree Celsius by the Indian Meteorological Observatory at Altinho, here. Surprising, given the fact that the month falls in winter season! Officially though the summer season begins from March 1, this year it can be assumed it began from February 20 as the day temperatures remained moderately high and on March 2 the humidity level was 10 to 15% above normal. [Herald]


My poor niece who is 9 months old and experiencing her first winter fell ill with the heat, poor darling. 39.2 degree Celsius is a stunner for most of us

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