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Just a thought

Just a thought

The last few days have been somber for India. The barbaric attack on Mumbai and the point blank range gunning down of people has left all sane people in this country shell shocked, not just about the manner of the killing and to know how much we’ve hated by these terrorist, but also to see hundreds of families shattered and broken.

No amount of sympathy and kind words can assuage their pain. No amount of TV we watch can help us – those who were away from these place of attack- to understand the trauma of those who lived through the experience or lost near and dear ones.

And a friend of mine Abhrajit Sarkar sent me this quote, that makes so much sense during this time, when the mind goes numb and incoherent and only emotions boil over, in an indistinguishable broth of sadness, pain and anger

“Death tugs at my ear and says, “Live, I am coming.”

— Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., poet, novelist, essayist, and physician (1809-1894)

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