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Lourdes Convent High School

Lourdes Convent High School

She stood, solid, high and cold,

Yellow on brown,

The innumerable doors,

To the chapel and hall,

And the prim little parlour on the first floor corner.

Large potted plants, green and alive,

Even in silence, you hear children’s screams,

Echo through the corridors.

Skittering past.

Smiles come to mind, Ms. Judith Pereira, Ms Epherem, Mrs Amita Salatry

The stern face of Mrs Naik,

The mild harried face of Ms Shirley,

The portly Mrs Mendonca,

Oh how can I forget her?

I scored the highest in the school for English.

Time flies but memories remain of bright big roses in the garden,

Nostalgic melancholy of black moss,

An unused swing,

Of mooing cows you dashed past to the toilet,

The persistent smell of putrid methane.

Of crowds of girls, falling over each other,

Rallying for the Republicans and Democrats.

Then I stood in wonder,

Now, I continue to wonder.

Cinderella in a white dress, I had sown on the stars myself,

The flower arrangement I won the first prize for,

Oh where are those hankies.

The mystery smells from the laboratory,

The skeleton in the glass case,

The chocolate cake I baked myself for my classmates

And the tears that flowed on the last day of school.

Can you locate me?

Can you locate me?

Today (24th September 2008) I happened to visit my school, Lourdes Convent High School, Saligao site on Facebook. The pictures there brought on this poem. I also managed to come across a beautiful black and white picture of myself in Upper Kindergarten as we called it then. This picture dates back to 1983 it seems, or maybe I should just stop and calculateJ

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