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How NGOs can raise donations

How NGOs can raise donations

In the last couple of days, I with the assistance of better qualified friends have been attempting to spruce up my Blog. This is my long pending attempt to make it more readable and friendly. Along the way I kept checking out other Blogs and how they were designed and I came across some fantastic Widgets.

For novices, a widget is a piece of code that you can paste into your Blog, and the interface is seen as a dynamic image, that could be anything from taking a stand on the environment to giving the time of day.

As I was locating these widgets and getting them on to my Blog, I was suddenly struck by this idea. How easy it would be for an NGO to get financial or volunteered support if they wrote a similar 4 line code for a widget and then got people who politically align with them to have this widget up on their blog!.

Now there are millions of bloggers and the number is growing, and wouldn’t that midget of a widget raise awareness and of course donations for a cause!.

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