Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together – Vincent Van Gogh



I am an amateur poet; most of my words come to me in fits and starts, quiet a few wouldn’t even accept its poetry. But what I write gives me immense Release. I feel emptied, each time I pen down a few words and once the deed is done, I feel I can face the world again.

All the stuff I write is about things I feel strongly. Each of my verses has a little bit of me in them. I’d really like comments from those reading from Lillian@Poetry and if you have some critical points to make, those would be much appreciated too 🙂

So please visit Lillian@Poetry

Comments on: "Lillian@Poetry" (2)

  1. Jenny Fernandes (Saldanha) said:

    Beautiful!! Have you ever considered publishing these or entering them into a poetry contest? With a minimal amount of buffing on some of the syntax they’d probably be appreciated even more in an international forum…

    All the best and keep the ink flowing!
    🙂 Jenny

    • Thank you for your comment Jenny, Have never tried to enter any of my poetries for a contest, but I could try :), yes and when I read back, some of them need working on 🙂

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