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Nagaraj, the Man Behind Design Point

People Feature

ImageIndia is a happening country and you can see that by the novel ideas, initiatives and businesses that are mushrooming every day.  I keep meeting these folks that are brimming with confidence and bursting to go out into the world. They are driven to create a niche for themselves and it’s a positive environment to be in.

One such case in point is Nagaraj. A person with disabilities since he was four, he has trained and self-taught himself a host of skills that range from graphic designing, web designing, photography and short film-making.

When he left his job at a BPO, it was like his hat was thrown on the other side of the fence. From thinking of setting up his own little business, he suddenly found himself at having to launch it right way.

With not much fanfare, he works from home. He created a snazzy ppt for his initiative called ‘Design Point’ and sent it out to all his friends. Soon, small bits of designing work began to come in from brochure and mailer designing to web site creation.

“It’s been stressful” says Nagaraj, “For a while, I kept looking for a full time job, desiring the security of a fixed salary. But as a person with disabilities, I will always have to deal with employers who will not look at my ability, but rather at my disability. It has taken me a while to get my confidence, and now think Design Point is the way forward. It lets me be my own boss, work with the flexibility that I desire and raise the bar on performance for myself.”

About Design Point

ImageNagaraj has over 7 years of experience working with NGOs. His current clients include those from the development sector and small organizations who do not have the kind of financials necessary to hire branded design assistance.

He continues to look to grow his client base and is priced competitively. The quality of his work is good. Self-learning is second in his nature and so, he dislikes saying “I don’t know how to do that”. “The internet offers you everything” he says, “I just go and explore various tools and software, post a few questions on a forum and soon I have learnt something new”.

Nagaraj has an eye for detail, works with a smile and has plenty of patience – this is most necessary because a designer must be willing to do multiple edits until a client feels satisfied with the output.

Connect with Nagaraj from Design Point if you need

  • Brochures / greeting cards / business cards
  • Banner ads / ppts / e-mailers
  • Logo designing
  • Website designing
  • Visuals for your social media properties – Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • UI Design
  • Short videos
  • Photography

Contact Details


Phone number: +91 9902249249


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