Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together – Vincent Van Gogh

About Me

Some jumbled thoughts 🙂

pc0509222I have been associated with the Development sector for nearly a decade now and have spent many hours reading and discussing Developmental issues and trends and how they manifest themselves in both collective and individual lives. In my search for answers through critical analysis, I have looked closely at issues like women, environment and consumers in Goa. I have also spent time in self study on social anthropology, to develop a more sophisticated understanding of Culture and how it survives. During my brief stint at CSDS, Delhi I also spent time studying and understanding structural violence and how it is a systematic manifestation of hegemony, power, perpetrated in subtle methods that people are schooled in gently and over many years. I was particularly interested in the implications of structural violence on women.

I use to work in the disability sector and now continue to work in the private sector as a content writer in Bangalore. Even though I quit working with NGOs I continue to be passionate about Disability issues. My association with disability has made it is clear that no matter the issue, the prism through which one looks and the tools of analysis are the same. What, however is interesting, is the novel and resourceful methods people in different socio, economic and cultural settings adopt, to cope with the by-products of ‘Development’, and the conscious and unconscious resilience shown by those sections of people who are often dismissed off as the ‘trade off’ of Development. These masses of ‘People’ finally translate into individual lives, each of whom are a microcosm of the system and a microcosm of resistance.

Thankfully, when I put pen to paper, much of these dense thoughts translate into very simple poetry. To me it’s a rich output. A thin slice, the cream of prodigious consumption. I consider my poetry (sometimes I hesitate to call it so, for it is free style and unconventional and more a form of ‘release’ rather than the urge to write ‘poetry’) layered. Using simple words it can be understood at a rapid read, yet within the simple words are also some sophisticated thoughts that can be teased out by a more discerning reader.

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  1. Tripti Padukone said:

    You write beautifully…:-)

  2. thanks and you write nicely

  3. Nice thoughts, keep going towards 🙂
    Really appreciate.

  4. Awesome!!!!

    Its a pleasure reading such beautiful articles from you…keep up the great work lillian……

  5. I think you are incredible and interesting, and I hope that people think when they read this and put in your position, that your life is to admire..

  6. Hello Lillian!

    Interesting blog! Besides the poetic lustre, there is lot to reflect upon as well .

    would like to exchange two way links from my blogs to yours. Do post a comment on goacom if you think that should help us both to reach wider.

    Meanwhile, keep up the interesting work!

  7. sunil sharma said:

    really u did the best for society so u kep continue the same social work
    monu8 sunil sharma
    Human right Activis

  8. Good morning im a researcher in Singapore and im very interested in Goa history, especially in the restoring efforts of your heritage by the common folk. Im currently researching for a programme to introduce places infused with heritage that are less well known as compared to places such as the famous churches in Goa, and the efforts of the people to restore these building to their former glory. I would very much love to go over and interview you as well as the people involved in restoring Goa, and im writing all these here as i have been unable to find your email. I seek your knowledge and would very much appreciate it if you were to reply!

  9. Hi Lillian,

    I just came across your web page while searching for images that might be appropriate to use as annual report covers for our organization, The Arc Michigan, an advocate for persons with developmental disabilities.

    I liked your Up Syndrome graphic and wonder if you would grant us permission to use it.

    I will also make a note of coming back to browse through your web site when I have more time.

    Thanks very much in advance.

  10. A D Dalal [IMPERIAL FLOATS[ SURAT said:

    We are manufacturing SNAKE TONG AND SNAKE BAG. kindly give us your email ID to enable us to send you catelog
    Madam Zankhana

  11. U read so creatively, continue…..

  12. sivan.G hitler said:

    I hope a prosperous future



  14. Badri Prasad said:

    A lot of creativity has gone into your portal. I am an inventor and international repute and wish to propagate creativity and innovations in the society. Can you please tell me who has designed this site for you? I would be grateful.

  15. Savio Abreu said:

    Hi Lilian, stumbled on your blog while searching for some Goa-related matter. You have written very well. Keep up the good work. So you are based in Bangalore. Hope to meet you when you come to Goa.

  16. Hi Lillian,

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve browsed through some of your posts, and I must say that you write very well.

    I’ve left you a separate comment on your post about the need to protect Goan heritage.

    Keep up your efforts on this blog!

    Warm Regards,

  17. I too write that my spirit may soar with the sparrow, sail with the wind and be lifted to heights above the freedom of expression allows the oneness we should all know to take my being along
    To rise on the wing of inner song and unheard melody
    I admire like spirited souls whose existence feeds the needs of hungry souls. Thanks from Alaska

  18. Good work lillian! Keep it up.

  19. Hi Lilian, good to read your blog on RAK and their service. Apparently, you made a big mistake by not directly buying from PC mallappa and the second thing is you rant so much about the company RAK ceramics the company itself is very good but when it comes to Indian Management they suck big time. besides you putting down 50000 as an advance is nothing but stupidity. You could put down just about 5000 and made an order and then if the order didn’t come through you can simply taken the advances back. PCM in Bangalore give good service so you could have picked your tiles from them and they would have done justice to your order. Again, blaming RAK ceramics in UAE is simply fruitless because the people who have taken the dealership in India they are not directly RAK ceramics but are franchise who operate in India

  20. Hello,
    Found your blog while looking up history of Goa. Was curious to know how Goans feel about the liberation movement, now. Your post and the comments gave me quite an insight. Thank you. Going through the rest of your writing….

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