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My disappointing experience with inefficient and incompetent RAK Ceramics

Dear friends, home maintenance is a frequent task, recently, my family decided to replace the flooring of our home in Goa and so began the saga on simply buying tiles from a company with a large international presence called RAK Ceramics.

It all began with me walking across the road from my office in Bangalore to one of the premium ceramics retailers PC Mallapa and Co. Here is where the most helpful and intelligent salesman ably and expertly introduced me to the range of quality floor tiles, drawing comparatives in quality and price and pointing out that RAK Ceramics would be a wise choice even if it meant paying a premium.

A company with a global presence I opted for RAK Ceramics because their production process was technologically superior. Their strict quality control and exactness of manufacture assured me that I was buying tiles that would have a longer life. I must confess this elderly salesman at the showroom was extremely knowledgeable about tile making and after an intense 45 minute discussion there was no way I was going to consider any other company, even though 90% of the companies in the market were selling me tiles for half the rate RAK Ceramics quoted.

Having picked up the brochure and virtually zeroed in on the colour and pattern I wanted, I next headed to Google, to locate their office in Goa, after all that’s where the tiles were required.

Surprisingly, for a company with a global presence there was very little information about RAK Ceramics online, the first sign of them not being in sync with the times. The management of RAK Ceramics does not seem to be aware that they are in the Information Age, that customers locate companies online, they read feedback from other customers and then choose their product. Interestingly, I have just noticed that the RAK Ceramics website shows their copyright date as 2006! OMG they haven’t updated their website for 4 years!!!!

The dearth of information about them prevented me from getting adequate information about the superiority of their product, but well, lucky for them an elderly salesman at PC Mallapa, the premium ceramics retailers in Bangalore, had done his job well. For a company with a global presence and superior technology to trust a salesman can hardly be a way of preparing for competition, because ahead you will learn how others put his good work to naught. Getting back to my search for an address to their location in Goa… well I simply couldn’t find one on the internet!!!

Goa is an international tourist destination and has huge amount of construction happening, additionally the people of Goa are highly educated with a high foreign exposure. The consumers of this tiny state are discerning and if they go online to locate a good ceramics company, they won’t even locate RAK Ceramics, so how does the company make sales? So much for global presence and a desire to do business and make profits…. Wow, I’m actually questioning their fundamental motive of doing business, but then let them prove me wrong.

So I then remembered the salesman at PC Mallapa telling me that RAK Ceramics tiles were manufactured in Andhra Pradesh and I located an address and write to the company asking them for a contact in Goa if any.

I promptly get a reply from Mr S.S.YADAV and he gives me the phone number to the Area Manager of Goa Mr. Nitin Sawant. I try calling Mr Sawant, initially his phone service provider tells me he is out of coverage area, when it does finally ring sometime later I can hear Mr Sawant but Mr Sawant cannot hear me. Thankfully on my third attempt I get across to Mr Sawant and he gives me a contact number to 2 of his dealers in Goa. The interesting part, even though all my attempts to call Mr Sawant would have registered on his phone as missed calls, at no point does he try to call me back. It probably did not strike him that it could be a potential customer trying to get in touch. So much for RAK’s sales personnel.

With the two contact numbers given to me by Mr Sawant I call a showroom called Bath and Tiles, I speak there to Mr Praveen Lotlikar and we agree that when I’m in Goa I would contact him to discuss the details of my order.

I get to Goa, meet Mr Lotlikar, decide on the tile, RAK Venezia, ACNE, premium vitrified tiles and immediately make my 1st payment of Rs. 25,000 against order form – ST/133 on 30th March 2010. A second payment is made of another 25,000 on the 3rd April. Mr Lotlikar assures me that the order has been placed, and the truck will be dispatched that day itself. I head back to Bangalore and my sister follows up with him, he assures her the truck is being dispatched, a week later, that the truck needs to be full as the truck can’t leave from their factory with only our small order of tiles. A week later, the tiles are not in stock and are being manufactured and we will receive them by the 30th of April 2010.

My sister goes along with Mr Lotlikar, anyway we planned on starting the work during the 1st week of May so why not oblige a company with a global presence and who is already sitting of Rs. 50,000 of our money… the politeness of consumers. I hope RAK Ceramics will give us credit for it, and ofcourse they are still flying on the fantastic job done by the elderly salesman from PC Mallapa in Bangalore. Strange, how for all its marketing strategies and sales forecasts and targets, it all comes to an elderly salesman from PC Mallapa in Bangalore! If this does not stink of inefficiency in RAK Ceramics what does?

On the 30th of April when my sister called Mr Lotlikar again to inquire about our order she was in for a rude shock. (Please note, it is we who keep calling Mr Lotlikar, he always promises to call us back and update us with information but never does. I hope RAK Ceramics is making note that there is a visible training need here, their retailers are poorly equipped in client servicing.) After all this waiting she is told that the tiles have still not been manufactured and he does not know when that will happen and as a result he of course does not know when they will be dispatched and … Bingo you guessed it right, we have to keep waiting.. ah to make a fool of ones customers!

I think what RAK Ceramics forgot was that we, their customers were paying a premium price for their product, we paid an advance, but we don’t get any communication on the delivery. Rather it is held up for a month (today is the 1st of May 2010) and information is given to us only when we call their showroom, INEFFICIENCY AND PATHETIC SERVICE is all they display.

There are millions of other companies that sell products like RAK Ceramics and much more expensive ones too. They have something called online databases, where their dealers can check online, inventory and availability of a product before they commit to a client. Once an order is placed, an internal set of activities are set in motion, online, to monitor timely delivery, put in place accountability and checkmate quality issues, does RAK Ceramics have such a system? Sorry, I forgot….. RAK Ceramics belongs to a different age; of snail mail should I guess.

There are thousands of companies manufacturing vitrified tiles in the Indian state of Gujarat. I took a decision not to buy from them because I could see little or no online presence of these companies, no quality control and no accountability. But RAK Ceramics seems to have turned out to be exactly like one of those companies I avoided buying from. They display lack of transparency in their processes, lack of accountability, inability to provide adequate and truthful information to their customers, lack of respect for their customers, they dishonour their commitment of timely delivery… and they claim to be a company with a global presence manufacturing world class vitrified tiles. Their website says they are ‘Trend Setters’ OMG that’s the only thing they do, and the trends in inefficiency they set, par excellence.

Realizing we have been taken for a ride, I am livid with the response of Mr Lotlikar on the 30th April 2010. I call him up and assure him that this weekend I am going to put my time to good use unless I hear positively that my consignment of floor tiles have been dispatched (predictability 24 hours later I still haven’t heard from him yet… but I’m waiting 🙂

I then try and contact the good ole Mr Nitin Sawant…. Remember Mr Sawant, the one who is always inaccessible…. And yes he is at it again… inaccessible… I try all day on 30th April but his phone continues to be inaccessible. Mr Sawant, sorry for doling out unsolicited advice but I think you need to change your service provider. Get one who gives you better coverage, and yes… don’t forget to charge your phone batteries.

Two people Mr Sawant should never keep waiting are, an irate customer and a client wanting to place an order. He has made one mistake, of not being available when a customer needed him, god alone knows if lost a sale too. As of writing this post I am still to get in contact with Mr Sawant, it is hard for me to believe that all my calls have not shown up as missed calls on his phone…. Or maybe he is yet to charge his phone batteries!!

In utter frustration, the next person I call is Mr Rohit Khandelwal who is based in Mumbai. In retrospect I should just address him as His Highness Rohit Khandelwal because Mr Khandelwal is busy in a meeting from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm and has no time to look into my concerns or queries. Infact he gets arrogant with me, and why not, after all I have placed an order of less than a lakh, while he deals in crores. He talks back to me angrily (which annoys me all the more) that the matter is not so simple, the tile I ordered is not available, it has to be manufactured, they have to get a whole company working for that… and as I surmise… gosh they are so not use to doing that. And all this conversation makes me feel like I just ordered a rocket for Mars. But why do I crib, it’s just another instance in the long line of incompetent, inefficient, unprofessional services from RAK Ceramics, the company with a global presence.

This is when I decided that I simply had to tell my story. Of course I have written to the Management of RAK Ceramics all the way from the Head Office in the UAE to their office in India and I am writing this post to warn your dear friends, should you want to buy tiles from RAK Ceramics please think again. There are other brands, just as good; you might save a few thousands to

So now that I have raved and ranted so much, what do I want RAK Ceramics to do to remedy the situation.

  1. I want the delivery of my Order form – ST/133 for RAK Venezia, ACNE, premium vitrified tiles ASAP. If RAK Ceramics is unable to make the delivery please let me know so that I can come over to the Bath and Tiles showroom in Panjim and select a different tile of the same cost.
  2. RAK Ceramics needs to let me know how they plan to remedy the situation of the tremendous anguish and mental stress their callous attitude has caused me.

And last but not the least, they still owe a big thank you to the polite, intelligent salesman at PC Mallapa, Infantry Road, Bangalore, who did such a great job of selling their product, but all their overpaid, highly trained MBA certified official brought to naught.

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  1. Ar. Firoz Mehta said:

    Good example of misuse of technology.

    Just I wanted to ask-“if you did not get the desired services from RAK ceramics, why you didn’t take back the advance paid to the dealer?”. Have your dealer or you checked the stock before placing the order?

    You could have selected the material which is readily available in the stock or you could have gone for some different company which gives you good products & good services as well.

    Companies are manufacturing thousands of shades. That doesn’t mean that every one maintains the stock of all shades which haven launched. Poor employees are helpless if the stock is not available. The sick people like you spoil their name & create threat for their jobs.

    The management of RAK Ceramics has been doing good job in India. The products which they have launched were not known to Indian Ceramic Industry. The company has been giving quality products. So everyone is crazy about their products.

    No company on the glob has capacity to satisfy each & every customer.

    & yes……….No one is interested in reading your long essay too!……

    • Dear Mr Mehta thank you for your comment and strong defense of RAK Ceramics employees. You sure have raised some important questions and I would love the head office in the UAE to know about (will bring this comment to their attention). Obviously you seem to know a lot about RAK as a company, do you by any chance work for them, or did one of the ‘Poor employees’ of the company request you to post a reply.
      Now that you have decided to play stooge can you pass on a message from me to the management and ‘poor employees’ of RAK Ceramics,
      1. Please ask them to reply to all the questions I have raised in my compliant, as I am still waiting for even the tiniest glimmer of professionalism and courtesy from them.
      2. Since you are so close to the ‘poor employees’ of RAK Ceramics, please pose the questions you asked me to them I’m sure you will get the ‘inside’ info and I’m still waiting for their answers.

      And while you are right that probably no one is interested in reading my long essay, I know at least you were jobless enough too, not just read it but even formulate a reply. Mr Mehta, if that’s who you really are, why did you waste your time doing that? Obviously I pinched you where it hurt, didn’t I. Now dont waste any more time before your computer, go service your clients.

      • Do u know what is the process of ceramic tile manufacturing? if u really know then you will not post this kind of comment here.
        RAK Ceramics is supplying all over the world, from UAE, CHINA, BANGLADESH, IRAN AND SUDAN and from INDIA too.
        I can understand ur concern, you have the option of cancellation of ur order otherwise choose another design which is readily available with the dealer.
        Finally dont ask the question, who m i. thats irrelevant to you.

    • Mr. Mehta
      I hate to be the bringer of bad news for you…. yes there are MANY consumers out there who are VERY interested in the experience of Ms. DCosta and other consumer reviewers! I went online to look for the location of RAK showroom in Goa and found this blog. I can tell you unequivocally that I am now having second thoughts about a company who is this unreliable.

      The inefficiency, unreliability, unaccountability and outright cheating that goes on in this country is unbelievable!

      Quite frankly, if I were in Ms. DCosta’s shoes, I would take this company to court.

    • People like you should be kicked out of the company first

    • UncleSAM said:

      First of all Thanks Lillian for detailed write-up. Yes I read the whole story and every comment. What made me read it? Simple, I’m from Goa and is looking for ceramic tiles for my house!!

      I was amazed by Ar. Firoz Mehta’s response. Sounded like official response. All he earned from me is the famous 4 letter world followed by the word ‘you’. And believe me I did not miss raising my middle finger while saying that.

  2. Hi Ar. Firoz Mehta

    Sorry to say ..Your response is not good as expected form RAK Employee. There are people looking on the net. We read entire story before we buy the product. We are looking at good response form you.

    I am also the victim of RAK company. I have ordered for 2500 sqft tiles at a dealer and waiting for him to deliver. I have paid Rs 20,000 as advance and every week he claims that the product is on the truck and will be delivered tomarrow and so on. And on the next day he claims the stock is not manufactured and the production is planned in the month end. He says that he has called the RAK industry official and he him self is taking care of the delivery and all such stories.

    It is already 3 months that I have ordered the product.
    All the websites and contact detaisl are wrong and if suggested to correct so that we can contact the customer care, what is the worng in that?

    I would like to suggest that customer care is of utmost important in today marketing startegy. If not you can expect a down trend in future. If your response is same, We know how to break your horns.

    Please consider it as an initial feed back and correct your self. Kindly help customers from time to time.

    My request form you..
    Need information on
    1. Whom to contact on customar enquiry?
    2. Whom to contact on Customar problems?
    3. I have ordered for Vertified tiles (Sonic Gold). Who can deliver this product and when can you deliver the product?

    Thanks and Regards
    Nagesh A

  3. I heard good things about the brand, and like an average potential customer, I googled “RAK tiles Bangalore” looking for a dealership, after I could not find any on their website.

    Halfway down the Page 1 (, and probably the only coherent and useful link on the brand, is your post!

    Now that I know RAK as a company:
    a) is comparatively very expensive,
    b) is not very reliable in terms of delivery,
    c) is not responsive to customer feedback, and
    d) employs individuals who seems arrogant, and vindictive,
    what are the chances that I will continue to Page 2 looking for a dealership?

    But I am curious to know if one – or considering the unfortunate Mr. Nagesh’s comment, two – negative experiences posted on a blog can effect a change in business attitude at a global corporate entity like RAK.

    • Hi Ms Mathew,
      Thank you for taking time to comment on this blog. RAK tiles are good especially in the way they are manufactured. Unfortunately RAK have a poor production and sales team. And yes as a company they are very unresponsive, I am yet to receive an acknowledgment to my complaint even after having emailed it to their HQ in the UAE. Its rather stupid of RAK to adopt this cold attitude as for one their tiles are expensive and hard to sell and secondly, if a customer is paying premium prices they expect premium service, not old Banya style arrogance.
      Its only a matter of time that RAK will realize this attitude is costing them revenue.
      I hope someday the Management of RAK makes time to read this blog, cause I have sent them the link a long time back. Hope in time it dawns on RAK that they are in business and making profits because people buy their product. No matter how big a come and how much they invest in advertising customers are becoming smart and they Google for products before buying them so bad publicizing is extremely expensive.



  4. I think …its obsoletely important that companies should be more responsible and responsive towards a Customer.

    When I make a Purchase and the product is not supplied on time and there is no proper reply, this is simply mentally harassing the customer.

    When I read this I can understand how much stress and trouble the lady would have gone through travelling to and fro from Bangalore to Goa. thinking all the way that its going to be available, and then ….great disappointment…. makes any one angry.

    Every body has become very irresponsible, just passing the blame on others or trying to shield others and finally we want India to shine. when some one bring out a issue most of the time this is the reality …. dont hide it, accept it and find a solution for it. thats the only way going forward, if consumer wants to protect himself.

    therefore, If you would have approached a court and law … a proper monetary settlement could have resulted, as the consumer courts are very supportive towards customers now a days.

    therefore fellow citizens this kind of awareness should be welcomed, I really appreciate the blogger for bringing out this matter online.

    • Dear Mr Dev,
      Thank you for your reply. You sure have touched on some very core and relevant issues.

      One of the reasons I took the time to write this lengthy blog post was not because I hate RAK or have issues with a person there but to highlight the systemic problem in the company which it should address fast and with honesty.

      Yes and poor services and poor attitude by companies like this does not help India as a country grow at the pace we want it to.

  5. Sudarshan said:

    Dear Ms. Lilian Dcosta,

    Thanks for taking the time to write about RAK ceramics. I am about to build a house and am looking at buying tiles and RAK ceramics was one of the recommended brand. Your experience shows us that RAK ceramics still has the old Indian License Raj mentality. I will be very careful, incase I decide to buy from them.

    Ar. Firoz Mehta: You do not seem to have a clue as to what “customer service” is. Unfortunately Indian Industry is full of incompetant people like you providing customer service. You mentioned ” Have your dealer or you checked the stock before placing the order? “. Do you think it is the responsibility of the customer to ask the dealer to check the stock? Shouldn’t the dealer be expected to check the stock, delivery schedules, before taking the order? You are also asking the customer “have you checked the stock before placing the order”. How the hell would a customer have access to Internal ERP/Sales system of a company to check the stock? Customer service is all about setting the right expectation and delivering it. Obviously, RAK ceramics, has failed miserably in providing service.
    You are asking ” if you did not get the desired services from RAK ceramics, why you didn’t take back the advance paid to the dealer?”. The above question shows that you have not understood the issue at all. It is not about advance payment or money. It takes considerable amount of time and effort to select the tile and wait for it to arrive, taking back the advance is easy, but one has to start all over and choose a different tile that is liked by one and all. It does take some time and effort and hence a customer chooses to rather wait for a week or two, instead of taking back the advance and starting all over again.

    • Dear Mr Sudarshan,
      Thank you for your comment on my blog post and your well crafted response to Ar. Firoz Mehta. You absolutely hit the nail on the head.

      I really hope the management of RAK ceramics gets up and takes notice.


  6. Dr. A.B. Parameswarappa said:

    I am a resident of Davangere, now, i was searching quality vetrified tiles to be fixed for residencial house measuring 45000 sq.feet comprising two floors. I enquired local dealers, one of the dealer provided RAK CERAMICS brochure which is neetly printed and almost decided to place order. My son who is living in Bangalore had come for Ganesha Festival brought to my notice to open internet and go through customers voices about the products and services. After going through the available information in the net i decided not to take risk of placing orders and getting myself into troubles and turmoils. Thanks to those who provided information especially to Lillian D’Costa.

  7. Hi – I’m seriously interested in the RAK product especially their Sonic Gold / Silk Lemon or Maize tiles. I’m really impressed by the product.

    However having read this blog with interest I’m a bit concerned whether I should go for these or go for Kajaria which most probably have the tiles available in stock !!

    My need is almost immediate and I will not go for it if the same is not available immediately.

    Lilian – as an aside, did you finally get those tiles from RAK as well a feedback (apology perhaps ?)

    • Hi Alwyn,

      Yes I did get the tiles, but a month after I had paid the initial amount, and after I had raised hell at all levels of their administration from their HQ to Goa.

      While I did get the tiles, I am yet to get any formal acknowledgment to my complaint, forget apology.

      The RAK tiles are good, especially if you are planning on the premium quality, but you might want to be cent percent sure that they are in stock before your place your order. BTW the orders go to their manufacturing unit in AP and often small orders (like mine was for a lakh rupees) get lost among large commercial ones.


      • Indresh Advani said:

        I totally agree with the incompetence of the RAK staff in Goa. even if the product is good, what can we as customers do when the sales and after sales staff are incompetent. RAK is more focussed on the international sales and what is sent to India is the rejects, as they know that we can be gullible to their sales.

      • Post this engagement, I still decided to go for RAK, bowled over by the quality. My requirement was for about 2000 sq.ft with about 280 sq. ft of metre by metre and rest 600*600.

        I did do my homeworrk checking availability/ price etc from BLR but placed an order with a local dealer at my place near Mangalore who was able to give me a price I could manage considering transportation etc.

        Happy to say that my delivery was effected fairly quickly within my timelines. Installation is on and I’m happy too.

        So I think the experience probably boils down to the dealer and how much he values your business. RAK is too big a company to really care much about retail – but their showroom people in Mumbai were polite and happy to educate us when we went to check out the options.

        So all in all I have had a better experience – put it down to luck or professionalism – but end of the day I think its the dealer who probably makes or breaks it.

  8. Hi Lilian,

    Thanks for taking the time to write about your experience with RAK. I am about to tile 120 sq metres floor area in Goa – I won’t be shortlisting RAK.

  9. Hello friend..
    Thank you so much …I was really in interested in reading your long essay. It really gave me a clear insight into your predicament after placing an order. Customer is always right… It is not the amount of volume of order or amount that determines the value of customer.
    I was planning to tile 12,000 sq.ft. floor area of my building in India with RAK tiles. Being in UAE I could only chose it outright. Well now after reading your experience in India with poor response to small customer like me. I would rather save money and look out for Indian co locally available in stock stuff with dealer.
    Thank you



  12. I too had a similar experience… Ordered Venezia Creema tile from Calicut(Marble gallery) in Kerala… We were told that it would be sent to us in a maximum of 15 days… 2 months & after several calls, we were informed that company as stopped production of the same… They didn’t even bother to call us & inform… I had a spent a lot of time & had taken leave for a few days just to go to my hometown & select all these stuff …. Frustrating

  13. ajay bhatia said:

    Today is the last day of having workmen trooping around our house, laying out the vitrified tiles we had purchased recently. Before buying the tiles I did plenty of research on the net and at the local dealers on RAK,Nitco and Kajaria. Based on the inputs from the dealers,architects,contractors and workmen, I came to the conclusion that RAK was the best option. I filtered down my choice to the Riviera and Bottochino series and started negotiating prices. I came to know that the tiles were available in ‘premium’ first quality and ‘standard’ second quality. The standard quality was roughly 15 % cheaper and had a beige packing, while the premium quality had a white packing. The salesmen at the dealer opened several boxes of the standard quality Bottochino and I was satisfied with the look and finish. I negotiated a ‘discounted’ price and placed an order, after ensuring that my requirement of 1400 sq meters was available for ready delivery and was all from the same lot. Now that the floor is almost done, I am extremely happy with the tiles I chose. The look and finish is superb!

    Tips for prospective buyers

    1. Visit websites and dealers of different brands.
    2. Negotiate prices separately for premium and standard quality.
    3. Ensure that if you are paying for premium quality, then you are actually getting the premium tiles and not the standard ones.
    4. Ensure that your entire requirement is available in ready stock.
    5. Ensure that all the boxes are from the same lot.
    6. Negotiate a good price.
    7. Only buy from a dealer and a salesman who seems to be professional and reliable.
    8. Inspect every box before it is offloaded at your site, to ensure that none of the tiles is broken. It is possible that several boxes may have broken tiles, which the dealer may or may not agree to return.
    9. Pay at the time of delivery AFTER receiving the order. I paid a 5% advance and the rest at the time of delivery.
    10. I used an adhesive called Laticrete Grey for fixing the tiles. Initially a layer of sand and cement was put to ‘level’ the floors. After it was dry, the fixing of the tiles was done by putting a 5mm layer of the adhesive.No sand or cement should be mixed with the adhesive. The market leaders for adhesives seem to be Bal Endura and Pidilite (Roff).A 20 kg bag of adhesive which covers roughly 25 sq feet area costs app. 425 INR. I am very satisfied with the quality of Laticrete Grey which I bought for 250 INR per 20kg bag.

    • Many thanks Mr.Bhatia, for very informative message. I am planning to buy RAK in Bangalore. My challenge, I enquired for the prices for RAK tiles with two dealers, who are within 10km radius in Bangalore City. The price difference is close to 30%. Bit confused what could be the difference, as both the dealers failed to explain me the reason for the difference in price. Can you please help with more info, how to find the right tiles and the price. NOTE : Both do not have the stock of required quantity.



  14. Dear Mr Bhatia,

    Thank you for taking time to write this lengthy yet informative comment. I hope it goes a long way to save others the heartache of learning from experience.

  15. dear MS decosta,
    thank for ur effort. i am constructing my house and today i have gone to various show rooms of various tile brands including RAK but now after reading you one thing is clear that i shall not go for RAK any more. thanks to u for saving me from the hands of RAK

  16. friends remember one thing more, I have a bitter experience today, i have gone to some branded tiles showroom, the sales man show me the sample of tiles, and i selected one out of that, before paying money i luckily just asked him that tiles those shall be delivered to me should be from same lot and there should be no variation between the tiles. the salesman assured me that they have one complete lot of the said tiles in there godown and the tiles will be delivered from the same lot from the stock in the godown and there cannot be any variation, on that i asked him to bring a tile from the stock to be supplied to me and the salesman brought a tile from the stock and to my utter surprise, there is a big variation in the sample shown to me and the tile brought from the godown to be supply to me, the variation is in the colour, its glossiness, shining etc. in other words the sample of the tile shown to me and on the basis of which i chose the tile and that of to be supplied to me from the stock have big variations. i drop the idea to purchase that very color and design and chose another from sample shown to me but this time asked the salesman to show me the tile from the stock with him also to be supply to me and same thing happened again the tile available in stock and the sample shown to me have big variations, the name of the design is same as of sample and available in stock but many variations, the sample is very glossy, shining, the colors are fine, the design is sharp but the tiles to be supply to the customer is not according to the sample shown. on asking from the owner he simply told that he had not manufactured the same, the sample was sent by the company and the stock is also by the company he is only to sell the same he further added what ever he has, he has shown to me now it is my choice to purchase or leave. i am so surprised. this is happened with a renowned brand having good reputation. this is also a type of cheating. so beware. it happens

    • Dear Mr Sanjay,

      Thank you for your comment, it is indeed educative. Most of us simply choose tiles based on the showroom sample and often don’t even realize that is does not measure up to our choice.

  17. i would like to buy Rak tiles in Punjab, Amritsar.. Kindly inform the dealer, if u know one.. Their Indian website is not working..

    • Hi Vaneet,

      Unfortunately I do not know dealers of Rak tiles in Punjab, Amritsar, but a few visits to other showrooms should lead you to them eventually.



  18. thank you fr ur information,i will think twise to go for RAK .

  19. Dear Friends,
    I have read all the story & comments, it seems that LILLIANDCOSTA have no work except to rune the brand image of RAK. First of all there is no product such like VENEZIA-ACNE, it is ACME it shows how she has gone through the product, secondly, all companies them selves have a production schedule. if she has interested to buy such product she must have asked about the stock availability at the dealer point. Thirdly If she says that there is lack of coordination and no response to the customer being purchasing below rs100000 how did she got reply from Mr S.S.yadav & the number of Mr Sawant. So it is totaly usless . I personally have used RAK Ceramic tiles & I have got a great coordination from the company people in Orissa. If Mr.Sawant has not put any interested in your purchase, it does not mean that you should blame a whole company or whole system. So dear LILLIANDCOSTA please stop these types of activity to write against acompany, it will be better if you could put your reviews about the product of a company.


    • That is the SUSEGAAD attitude of Goans. Susegaad could mean laid back or plain lazy. In Mangalore we have an excellent service for RAK by local delares.

  20. Dear Sanjay ji
    It is cleared by every company that, in different batches there occurs shade variation,& every dealer knows about this and according to that they are maintaining their stocks. so we should aware about this asking them, well you have a good review about this. in recent times dealers are also clarifying to the customer about shade variation This is an inherent property of ceramic/vitrified tiles.

  21. DJ/Tipu, your defense of Rak Ceramics is pathetic. There is no one foolish not to ask about the delivery schedule of the product. It is naive on your part to expect every customer to have the same experience as yours. Since you have dismissied the existance of a product “VENEZIA-ACNE”, you must be an insider from RAK ceramics to have such indepth product information. If the above statement is true, my advice is, instead of dismissing a customer’s concern. Listen to the customer, only then you will know of the deficiency of a product or service. Infact, company pay big bucks to get honest real customer feedback. It is very cheap to question the integrity of a customer.

  22. Thanks forthis blog I am serching online for floor tiles and almost I decided to buy the product from RAK but now I can rethink

  23. Hi Lillian, thank you for your blog.We Have almost decided to do the flooring with RAK tiles.Your blog is really an eye-opener for us.We will definitely enquire about the availability before paying the amount

  24. hi lilian,thank u for the information about RAK tiles. I was to visit their showroom today but I am having a rethink
    anil bajaj

  25. Hi, I’m in Canada and after reading this post, I automatically striked RAK of my list of possible tile suppliers. I was about to go with RAK products for my renovation. No more! So, I second the fact that people would like to be informed about poor customer service, it is of equal- if not greater – importance to the product.

  26. Thank you for your comment Kirsten, but since you are in Canada not sure whether the services there are as poor as they are in Goa. Here RAK focus more on large corporate clients and retail ones like me therefore tend to get ignored.

    • Now we are talking. The service in Goa is poor. The dealer ruined your experience.

      But eh, I will be using your homestay service when I am in Goa. So I can review my experience too. May 2016, 2BHK, 6 days. Let me know the availability.

  27. Dear Lillian,

    I was googling about vitrified tiles and almost shortlisted RAK. Your blog is an opener. My requirement is about 1500 Sq. ft in Kerala. Could you please tell if you got a satisfactory reply from their UAE Office or Indian HO at any time? Now I feel I must go for a ready delivery n then only start the flooring of my house…..:)

    • Hi Shiv,

      Thank you for your comment. I did not get any reply from their India or UAE office. I am still waiting 😉 Yes the best thing would be to ensure you have a ready delivery and the tiles you choose is in stock before you place your order.

  28. Its surprising, that too from an MNC like RAK…May be you can copy your link to their Media contact email :

  29. Binosh Madathingal said:

    Hi Lillian, I just called one of their offices here in UAE, based in Sharjah. I basically wanted to know if I could place an order with them here and the same be delivered by their branch office based in India to which in a flash the salesman responded no. This made me wonder how a company of this repute could bluntly say no without giving an alternative solution and made me google for any supplier in India who has got their operations in UAE as well and I came across your blog.
    I am shocked to see that you posted this article in May’10 and to date nobody from RAK Ceramics UAE office haven’t contacted you. Indeed this is not a case of customer centricity and guess RAK Ceramics management feels they have grown too big for individual customers like you or I. There have been companies in the past with attitude of this kind and the fate they have come across you already know.
    In today’s world that’s driven by customers, suppliers are the ones who need to be running after the customers.

    • Dear Mr Madathingal, Thank you for your comment and sharing about your encounter with RAK Sharjah. I would have though that with time they have improved. Your comment shows RAK is still as arrogant as ever.

    • Hahaha Chetta,
      Was that a joke? How can you buy them in UAE and have them delivered by RAK in India? I think you simply have no idea of logistics. Besides, RAK has production lines across India and they will supply you in India through a network of dealers. Your comment was nothing short of a joke.

  30. Sridhar Kadirisani said:

    Bring them to the consumer court of law. This my simple advice to you.

  31. Dear Lillian,
    I am Saju Paul from cochin, I am planning to buy RAK ceramics because I like the designs which have copyright terms and too its been selected the best brand 2011 and 2012, when I read your blog it brought to notice that you paid an advance of Rs. 50000/-, I dont know the sense behind that because yesterday we order the tiles and they delivered it the next business day itself and we checked for any broken tile if any and our contractor confirmed the same and then only we paid the money, in that they didnt ask for any advance or credit or anything. But one thing you told is right the stock availability of the tiles are very small or meek. I think you should have ordered from a RAK exclusive showroom as we did. As RAK has a good market worldwide they are reducing their market share in India by way of depromoting their products and reducing their dearlership chain. They are mainly focussing as you said in the blog, business in crores meaning supplying for malls, theatres, etc. That does not mean RAK is bad or not up to date in their business. You know that its business done by sheikhs of Ras Al Khaimah.

    • Hi Saju,

      Thank you for your comment

    • Dear Saju,
      The same thing I put in my main comment stating that the dealer taking an advance of that big amount would have rotated that funds for business. Besides, dealer have a credit account with their distributor, so usually you could place an order with as little as 1000Rs. In some places they don’t take advances, like in your case, because they would have had ready stock and next day billing and delivery. Ms. Lilian was at a wrong dealer at the wrong time, Probably she should have stuck with PC Mallappa which offer good service and delivery.

  32. M.G.Mohiuddin said:

    My experience with RAK has been as bad or worse.Having paid the money i am getting all sorts of stupid excuses for not getting delivery.My advice to customers is do not waste your time with RAK .They do not deserve your business.There are other brands who have better service,i am sure. Mohiuddin

    • Really sorry to hear that you have been meted out similar treatment Mr Mohiuddin. One would have thought that with time and customer feedback such as this, RAK would have got their house in order, but your comment indicates they have learned nothing.

      • m p nair said:

        Their business strategies are aimed at bulk customers, and the company has delegated this responsibility of sundry retail customers segment on the likes of their dealers like the ones of PC Mallappa, or the Lotlikar’s of Goa.
        Individula Dealers have their own strengths and weaknesses that reflect ultimately in the quality of service they render, perhaps RAK Ceramics should focus and invest in building the right type of network such that such situations can be avoided.

      • Hello Ms. D’ Costa, I am still considering RAK for some portions of the flat (of course after weighing the factors and concerns expressed in this blog). Kindly advise how you feel about the quality. I think you are completing almost 3 years of use.

      • Dear Saxena,

        I choose RAK precisely for their quality and yes, they I was and am happy about the quality and finish of the tiles, 3 years later.

  33. Hi Lilian, I stumbled across your blog posting while researching tiles. I have eliminated RAK from my shortlist. I hope they improve their customer service and apologize to you. Thanks for the detailed post.

  34. Hi Lilian. Good that u wrote about RAK in such great Details. It must have helped so many people in making the right choice for their homes.
    Being from tile industry myself I know how these companies take small customers like you for a royal ride and these same people beg before architects and builders to promote their stuff.
    Keep it up! I would advice you though that dont expect an apology from Rak UAE as they think it would be blasphemous to apologise to us Indians!

  35. Priya Padole said:

    Thank you for having posted your experience. THis has surely helped a lot of potential buyers. I was blindfoldedly going to by RAK tiles, but now they are just out of my list straight away and specially so because of the way Mr. Mehta has written. IT is so damn clear that the comment is either from an employee or being recommended by an employee. Well best of luck RAK for your poor choice of people and management.

  36. Rankesh Mukhija said:

    Hi Ms.DCosta,

    Thanks for posting your experience ,i was searching to get good tiles for our home and found your post.Now I am not going to RAK at all.
    Cheers !


  37. Hello,
    Any company who want to excel in their field of business should worry about their reputation. The good will which a company made after decades of services can be spoiled by a handfull of arrogant staff. Please, give enogh training for your staff and improve their phone habits and create a good prospective customer rappo.

  38. I was interested in having using RAK vitrified tiles to my new house. This item of article has made me think twice before I finalise my decision. Thanks for the details.

  39. Hai ,

    Going through the blogs, the delayed delivery of Ms.Lilian caused due to the inefficiency of a retailer or dealer and not because of the manufacturer. So it is baseless to blame the manufacturer .

    I am writing this as a satisfied customer of RAK Ceramics India tiles and more contractors from our area are buying the RAK Ceramics tiles and sanitaryware now also because of its very superior quality and variety of models .

    During my house construction , I have ordered very early for the tiles and sanitaryware as I came to know it will take more time to get the product.

    As it is a premium product , we decided to order early so as not to wait and hold the works.

    So those who need the tiles of this particular company , ie RAK Ceramics tiles , I request you to order very early and also from a reputed dealer having stocks only . Retailers may take the advance and convert the order to the companies which they have product in stock blaming the manufacturer or stockist .

    RAK Ceramics web sites are now showing they have sold 1 Billion sq.mtrs of tiles world wide and it shows their reputation and those who interested in buying the ” RAK Ceramics” brand can easily identify the good dealers and buy from them. Better to check about the reliability and service of the dealer before placing the order to avoid as happened to Ms.Lilian .


    Panicker from Kollam, Kerala

    • Panicker, could you give me the address of the kollam dealer?

      • Dear Anil,

        This is the dealer in proper Kollam town as per my knowledge.

        Tel: 0474-2763947 / 2741257

        Also the below dealer also deals with RAK Ceramics tiles as per my knowledge.

        A.V. Marbles & Ceramics, Kollam (They are near Thattamala,Kottiyam , I think)



  40. I happen to buy by special versiono fof RAK special edition and 50% of the floor tiles are defective and RAK and the dealer is not ready for replacement/return.
    RAK is not customer oriented.

  41. Mr.Paniker,
    DON’t buy RAK

    • Dear Mr.Reji,

      I have already purchased an year back and I am happy with the tiles and our suppliers. Dear Reji, from which area you have bought the tiles and that dealer to be booked.


  42. Lillian, thanx for your info in RAK Ceramics. I need to buy tiles for my place in Goa and this blog is certainly an eye opener. At least I now know what pitfalls to avoid.

    Ar. Firoz Mehta, you are an IDIOT… I think people like you need to bury your head in the sand and shut up!!! Clearly you are an employee of RAK Ceramics and have abso no respect for a customer!

  43. What a palagan. I will certainly not be using RAK. Buck yourselves up guys this is not how you do business in the real world. My money is going elsewhere…

  44. I was about to buy RAK and a bit google landed me here. I looked at their international site and its really impressive but am very hesitant to go for that in Chennai. Noted down Ajay Bhatia’s tip and let me see how it goes.

    Its pathetic that such a nice company don’t monitor their retail dealers. Our people’s mentality should be changed… not sure how long we will have to wait for that 😦

    Guys, they have facebook and feel free to put your comments there. It might work.

    Thanks Lillian and all.


    • Himangshudas said:

      Dear friends,
      I would like to inform buyers of ceramic tiles that technically there is nothing much that’s special about RAK tiles,today ceramic tiles are manufactured in modern mechanised plants with Uniform specifications of finish,thickness,moisture resistance.Indian brands like Kajaria,Johnson,Somany get their products from manufacturers at Morbi in Gujarat,which accounts for 80% of Indian capacity.
      In view of wide range of variety and designs available one can select from Ceramic or Vitrified tiles with glossy/matte/digital design and finishes.If one buys premium or first quality,the variation in texture or color tone would be less than in cheaper second quality sold at discount by dealer whose lots are categorised as such due to some minor defects during grading.Its prudent to check boxes before paying as breakage likely occurs during transport/handling at dealers end.many dealers accept to replace broken tiles if not immersed in water while laying.The labour charges I.e. cost of laying tiles varies from Rs 12-20 per sq feet.Ita advisable to hire a reputed tile layer after getting floors-walls finished/levelled by professional masons/raj-mistri, as hiring cheap labour can prove expensive later in the long run.

  45. R Bhattacharyya said:

    Google God saved me from buying tiles from RAK. Thanks a lot to Ms D’Costa.

  46. Thank you for the information you gave Ms D’Costa, RAK may already feel inundated orders so no need to develop new strategies such as online business

  47. marudhaachalam said:

    Ms D’Costa,

    Thank you for the information you gave about RAK. I am having second thoughts now about buying from RAK. This blog is really interesting, starting from May 2010 it is still going!. Only two supported RAK!.These two poor fellows, without understanding the consumer plight and orderal, they barge out some foolish replies.

    Any one who google for RAK will definitely see this blog and have second thoughts.

  48. Paul Thobiyas said:

    Paul Thobiyas said: November 27, 2013 at 10;30 pm
    I was interested in having using RAK vitrified tiles to my new house. This item of article has made me think twice before I finalise my decision.Thanks Lillian and all

  49. Consumer solidarity is the best strategy to deal with a company like RAK

  50. Thanks Lillian for sharing your experience…I was about to decide on RAK tiles in Goa itself…but at the end, not for the expenses of frustrations and worries. Thank you once again.

  51. Raaj Mumbai said:

    I searched their numbers and no no. is working. Why ppl waste their money and time on such cheaters ???

  52. I have purchased Sonic Maze Tiles of RAK Cemeramic through Sunrise Hardawre in Rajajainagar Industrial Estatae, Bangalore and was surprised to find that each box which has 4 tiles have different patterns and dont know what to do. When I approached Sunrise thier approach was very casual. they said they will check and get back after 1 day. have not go back after 3 days. As my tile layer was lying idle I under pressure contact RAK Customer care and they statae that thier Technician is away and can visit only after 2 days. We are really at loss in time and finanicailly due to this. Infact when we purchased the Tile we were told that there are 2 Qualities one being premium and another being Project Quality. We had paid more to get premium tiles. As I lived in Gulf and was aware of RAK International Quality I purchased RAK Tiles. No I regret this decision. Can somebody help on how to go about this . Rajesh 9886780888

    • Your dealer has cheated you. Always buy from Privilege Partners of RAK if you want the product in order and get better after sales service.

  53. dalbir singh said:

    I bought RAK tiles from RK Ceramics 18 dheeraj heritage santacruz west on 28/2/2014
    modles (1)RS-IV-SG 16 boxes
    (2) DS-RS-W-SG 14 tiles
    (3) ROCKSTAE BK 3 boxes
    all tiles (16 boxes) are bend from .5mm to 1mm
    my client is not accpting these
    when I contected to supplier mr.abhishek mobile no 09223516052 he promised me to
    exchange only packed 12 boxes because 4 boxes tiles I had already fixed on wall
    as he promised, he exchanged 12 boxes on25/3/2014
    but when I fixed thease exchanged tiles,the problem was same
    my client has bought tiles of other compny
    please help me

    dalbir singh


    • That cause by poor laying and the adhesive used is of poor quality. for uniform laying you should have professional layers. Mixing too much cement with adhesion compound can cause irregular surfaces. Some people use cement (50kg bag is 390) instead of Gum (20kg bag is 425) to compensate for the cost. Pakde gaye.

  54. Dear Lillian,

    thankyou for sharing your experience. I have a requirement of 15000 sq.ft and was searching online to get contacts. I dont have the luxury of time to take a chance with RAK. Shifting to Kajaria.

    Its terrible what you had gone through.. If I were in your place, i would have sued them by now and tried to claim interest for the advance.

    I now understood, they are living in ‘stone age’.


  55. I almost decided to buy RAK in mysore, but now that I have run into this misery story I would be cautious on how to choose the tiles and probably go with local companies. This global presence companies should learn their lessons. RAK you lost my business too. Now start treating your customers with basic respect.

  56. Thank you for sharing your experience. I also read the callous and arrogant reply from one of the RAK employees/paid writer Ar. Firoz Mehta. I will definitely not buy from this dealer after reading these complaints. Why but misery with our hard earned money???

  57. L S M Salins said:

    I am planning to build a house near Hosur in TN in a rural area.. I was exploring RAK website due to the impressive ads in design mags. In the process I came across Ms D Costa’s blog and was fascinated to read through the entire chain of replies and conversations that followed. It has been very educative indeed and I must now be more than careful about such sales service centres besides touted brands. Thank you.

  58. Interesting to see so many comments and most of them sp true when it comes to custimer service and pain of customers. Being an architect myself, let me thriw some lights here which i think is being missed in big image….firslt RAK stands for Ras Al Khamah..a FTZ zone in UAE whwre this company is based. RAK started making basic tiles during UAE and mid east construction boom in early 1990’s. They also started supplying it to India and actually their tiles use to be superior than othe indian and china makes but always inferior to spain and italian tiles. Fyi best ceramics tiles still are produced in Spain and Italy. Lately China has taken iver a large amount of ceramics industry worldwide and most of brands are manyfacturing or buying from China, especially low cost tiles. Only high end designer tiles come from italy and spain. RAK no more holds any premium in tiles and is onky sight by projects and builders. RAK is a builder grade tile manufacturer which we call Mass product. Their India unit produces low quality and cheaper tiles for builder projects. So my point is whoever is salesman he is seeling because of incentive. Product wise. RAK…is nit preferred by good designers and architects.

    Come to the point of service, delivery etc, so let me tell you that this industry is plagued in india by this problem which is Distributor led process where manufacturres do not deal with customers. Its dealers who take payment and they are responsible for end delivery. So its very importantan that we take the delivery time and avaialbility in writing from company rep or dealer of a perticular model before order is placed. Also would always be prident to ask if this model is in production or is not as if you require some qty in future, you should eb aware. This is like fashion inductry where designs keep changing every now and then.

  59. Okay, there goes one more customer! Almost finalized on RAK but after reading this review, going to look at some reliable brands.

    What a shame, they better bury their head in UAE rather catering internationally.

    P.S. : for RAK paid trolls – I read the complete review and comments as well.

    • If one had horrible experience with MS Windows and made the nastiest blog. Nothing changes. Your reaction as you have made it here, makes it look like as though RAK shut down. 99% of GCC malls use RAK. Your 1000-2000 sqft will make no difference to them but to a dealer, perhaps.

      For a multi-billion company 1 or 2 people can do no harm my friend. Chill!. No one gives a rats ass.

      Disclaimer: I don’t work for them. I very much use their awesome product. Quality is anyday better than the best of Indian Brands.

  60. Udai Singh Mehra said:

    Thank you for your inputs about RAK. It saves a lot to poor people like us who just go by brand names. Thanks again. I would be double careful dealing with RAK tiles now.

  61. Oh yes as a customer, I am very willing to read and learn from your experience. Thank you

  62. daniel mascarenhas said:

    Very Informative article , thanks Lillian for sharing your experience. We all gain from the knowledge and experience of all.

  63. NaveenReddy said:

    Thanks Lillian for sharing your experience…I was about to decide on RAK tiles but came across your post in google. Thanks for your time in enlightening people. I’ll stay away from RAK.

    • Dear Naveen Reddy,
      It is foolish to think that RAK had anything to do with Ms. Lillian’s problem. It’s the dealer that she was dealing with gave her the bad experience. I have had excellent dealer network in Mangalore, from whom I get timely delivery of RAK tiles. I have had problems with major Indian brands whom I will not name, but it is the dealer who is your service provider. Read my detailed response to Ms.Lilian. Frustration can diminish the quality of thinking of a person. HAHAHA

      I don’t work for RAK. I’m an Interior Specialist. I use RAK for most of my projects.

  64. Wow the negative exposure that RAK has got here is phenomenal…I am also on that wagon of tile sourcing for my place, what an eyeopener this blog is. Thank you Ajay Bhatia for the additional insight ref approach to tile purchase, I am for one sure to move forward along those lines.

    Its to a certain extent an agreeable fact that tiles from RAK, are good, the question here is the incompetency/ service and delivery commitments from RAK and its affiliates/ distributors/ dealers that raises frowns, eyebrows and stress levels.

    What I have understood from this blog is:
    1) Not… to just let this blog influence my decision in the negative where RAK is concerned as each transaction is different based on various factors, however…
    2) Check what RAK has to offer for the purposes of knowing – whats available, comparisons, evaluations and pricing factors & use the insight provided to…
    3) Be very very very very very very cautious if and when I do decide to venture into a transaction with RAK and its affiliates making sure to cover all bases prior to commitment and payments.

    Last but not the least and for that matter a cautious approach to any Manufacturer/ Supplier that one has to deal with should always be a precursor to any forward movement.

    All the best in all your purchases.

    Dear Lillian,

    Thank you for the blog and information therein to progress my purchase.

    Wish you Good tidings in all your future endeavors, Cheers!

  65. SURESH Bangalore said:

    What happened in 2010 is affecting decision making of people in 2016. RAK should do something to inform how over the years their Customer service, Delivery has improved. Bangalore customers can check availability at M Golecha Ceramics J.C. Road –

  66. so is the vitrified tiles of RAK is worth the durability?

    • Dear John, Very durable and of highest standards, But be sure you are buying them from an Authorized Distributor with information on availability/lead time and make only a 5% advance payment if u have to and not more with proper receipt with company stamp.

  67. Dear Lilian,
    I am not an employee of RAK. I am an Interiors Specialist and Yes, I do use their products for their unparalleled quality and reliability with the suppliers I have in my town. Rule of thumb when procuring products from dealers, sub dealers, agents of any particular brand are for your reference.
    1. Buy what is readily available.
    2. If part is available and rest will be delivered in a month or so, don’t buy it. The shades of the same product code will vary as much as a same dish prepared by two different cooks.
    3. RAK will never entertain for non-delivery. If a dealer has taken an advance, it might as well mean he hasn’t even placed and order with RAK for your tiles and maybe rotating your money and earning out of it. Logistics don’t come under RAK directly. From production line it goes to CFA’s, to distributors to sub distributors and then to dealers and finally to you as a buyer, unless I am wrong. And you would be left at the dealers mercy who will inadvertently blame RAK for delays.
    4. RAK will only entertain your query if the product is of poor quality and material, which again slim chance because of their stringent quality controls.
    5. All your whining and ranting will do no difference to RAK as a company as you would have already now known it is one of world’s largest product manufacturer with a portfolio of the best product line up. Every business has 2-5% of unsatisfied customers. And that every company can put up with.
    6. You could have taken all your advances back from the dealer you were working with, could have chosen a different product from same company or different company, you can also claim compensation for not delivering the products on time from your dealer. You can do nothing to RAK if the advance receipts were not coming from RAK as a company,

    It is good you brought up your issues. I know people working in RAK in UAE. I will pass this piece of info over to them. However, there is no guarantee they would respond to you or not which at their sole discretion.

    Hope you would have completed your house nonetheless and hope you didn’t use their product 🙂

  68. Venkatesh said:

    Dear Joel,

    Thanks for your tips. Am building a house in Coimbatore and am looking for tiles. The tiles are parts of th contract I signed with the builder. However I was thinking of buying and supplying tiles to ensure a good quality and my choice and get the credit. My friend advised me to go for RAK. the total requirement is around 2700 square feet. The builder was saying they are using Asian tiles. I am not sure whether to go with the builder’ s brand or I buy a good one as per my choice and supply. Will there be reliable dealers in Coimbatore. Would appreciate your advice pl.


  69. Naresh Patel said:

    Any one need any ceramic product in india
    Pleas contact on my mail I’d.
    I will give best suggestion and best service regarding any ceramic product.
    We are manufactured ceramic product in Gujarat base on Morbi.
    Naresh Patel

  70. It is unfortunate that you find the quality of RAK Ceramics to be unsatisfactory.

    Maruthi Ceramics is one of the best sanitary ware dealers in Bangalore. You have the convenience of checking out the products of all major brands under one roof such as: Hindware, Jaquar, Geberit, Graffiti, etc.

    To know more about the showroom, please visit: Sanitary Ware Dealers In Bangalore

  71. I am very thankful to the author for this valuable information; it was very helpful. If anybody is looking for a tiles showroom visit Maheshwari Impex. We are the best dealers of Tiles in Bangalore

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