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Do not panic if you see a snake! As you know now, not all of them are venomous.  If you cannot identify it, do not kill it. Instead, call one of the volunteers listed below. There are over 20 volunteers  in Saligao and Bardez who will come immediately, catch the snake and release it back into the wild. Some of these volunteers will request for a small fee to cover fuel expenses.

Snake Rescue Volunteers

Name – Residence – Area of operation – NGO – Contact numbers (some may have changed)


Griselda Nobay, Donvaddo – GCR – 9823802842 / 2278567

Tarika & Suhail, Donvaddo – GCR – 2409999 / 2278276


Suneel Korajjkar, Mapusa, Bardez – GCR – 9822123042/ 2253715

Alfred D’Mello, Nagoa, Bardez – GCR – 9823053474 / 2278903

Sagar Kambli, Mapusa, Bardez – GCR – 9823937930

Sahil Warang, Camurlim, Bardez – GCR – 9823508765

Prasad Shirodkar, Mapusa – GCR – 9765451302

Aaron Fernandes, Mapusa, Bardez – GCR – 9850560560

Mario Fernandes, Calangute – Bardez/Tiswadi – GCR – 9923667665

Rahul Alvares, Parra, Bardez – (Creepy Times) – 2278740 / 6510871 / 9881961071

Nitin Sawant, Porvorim, Bardez – WWF – 9822483535 / 9823915208 /2414278

Oldrin Pereira, Aldona – Bardez – NNC – 9850450120

Arnold Noronha, Bardez – VEAB – 9420685641

Ramesh Zamekar, Bardez – VEAB – 9923306455

Sharad Chari, Aldona – Bardez –  NNC – 2293193

Mario Cavallari, Bardez – ARS – 9822166175

Aaron Lobo, Porvorim – 2412265 / 9822135019

Neil Alvares, Nerul – 2402957 / 3116183 / 9822158688

Sainath Shirodkar, Mapusa – Bardez/Tiswadi – GFD – 9422062880 / 2265772

Forest Dept, Campal, Panjim – North Goa – GFD – 2228772 / 2229701

All Goa:

Sanket Naik, Pernem – VEA – 9421239791

Prasad Kassikar, Bambolim –  GCR – 2459322

Amrut Singh, Bicholim – ARS – 9422062503 / 2363803

Anand Dalvi, Bicholim – ARS – 9923528080

Vivek Parodkar, Sattari, Bicholim – VEA – 9423600333 / 2369387

Deepak Gawas, Sattari, Bicholim – VEA – 9421248643

Kedar Kanekar, Satteri – Bicholim – ARS – 9324857453

Chandrakant Shinde – Sattari, Bicholim -VEA – 9420159497

Anand Melekar, Satteri – ARS – 9764681913

Rama Bagi, Valpoi – GCR – 2382163

Forest Dept., Margao – South Goa – GFD – 2750246

Venkatesh Sansgiri, Margao – 2550922 / 9822150355 – GCR

Julio Quadros – South Goa – 9822152010

Amol Naik – South Goa – GCR – 2605672 / 9822158715

Sudan Naik, Mormugao – Salcete – ARS – 9822387347/ 2550898

Pankaj Lad – Salcete -VEA – 9372109987/ 2751308

Neelam Khomarpant, Margao – Salcete – GCR – 9822123868/ 9822123042

Philip Fernandes – Margao, Salcete – 9822986505

Clinton Vaz, Salcete – WLG – 9890936828 / 2736828

Forest Dept., Mollem – Sanguem GFD – 2612211

Satish Poinguinkar, Canacona – ARS – 9421244555/ 9823134465 / 2641510

Paresh Porob, Canacona – GFD – 9822157139

Forest Dept., Bondla – Ponda – GFD – 2610022

Surel Tilve, Ponda – ARS – 9422058590 / 2335078

Dilip Naik, Ponda – 9823229378 / 2316492

Kamlakant Parab, Ponda – PFA – 9822130598/ 3207920

Dilesh Hazare, Ponda – ARS – 9422453437 / 2340609

Girish Kelakar, Ponda – 2343826 (res), 2314435(off)

GFD = Goa Forest Department; VEAB = Vivekananda Environmental Awareness Brigade; ARS = Animal Rescue Squad; GCR = Green Cross; PFA = People for Animals; WWF = World Wildlife Fund; NNC = Nisarga Nature Club: WLG = Wild Goa

Snakebite Treatment In Goa

Goa - Green Tree Snake 6

SNAKEBITE? Follow this treatment plan:

a.  Reassure the patient.

b.  If the bite is on the hand or the arm, put the arm in a triangular sling and get hospital treatment urgently.

c.  If the bite is on the leg, put it in a splint to immobilise the bite.  Again, get hospital treatment urgently.

d.  The patient should be encouraged to keep still and move as little as possible.

e.  Treat a venomous snakebite with ASV or Anti-Snake Venom (also called antivenom or antivenin) at a doctor’s clinic or in hospital.  Care should be taken to ensure that the patient is not allergic to antivenom.  20% of all people who are given ASV treatment develop some kind of allergic reaction.

Do not:

a.. Wash the wound; the act of washing leads to moving the venom around the body.

b.. Cut or burn the wound.

c.  Attempt to suck the venom out of the wound.

d.. Apply a tourniquet or pressure bandage (the only time a pressure bandage should be considered is if the snake concerned is definitely, 100% a Krait and the journey to hospital is going to take several hours. If the journey is only going to take up to a couple of hours the same treatment should be given as that for any other venomous bite)

e.. Give anything by mouth except in the case of dehydration.

f.. Self-administer antivenom.  This is particularly dangerous without the ability to cope with any allergic reaction, which has the potential to kill far quicker than any snake bite.

The mere act of sticking a needle into your tissue can cause un-controlled bleeding and oedema (swelling). This is why Anti-Snake Venom should be administered by a doctor in hospital!

These hospitals and Primary Health Centres (PHCs) have ASV in case of a venomous snakebite:

Hospitals: Goa Medical College (GMC), Bambolim.  Hospicio, Margao.  Asilo, Mapusa.

(If  there is enough time, take the patient to GMC.)

PHCs with phone numbers (call to check if Anti-Snake Venom is in stock):

Valpoi – 2374260; Bicholim – 2362041; Sanquelim – 2364258; Pernem – 2291249

Siolim; Aldona – 2293251; Candolim – 2276035; Betki – 2287160; Ponda – 2312115; Sanguem – 2604235; Curchorem – 2650566; Bali – 2670216; Canacona – 2643339; Assolna.

Compiled by anOTHERskool, Saligao, for an awareness programme on identifying, handling and  rescuing snakes, at a children’s camp organised by the youth of Mae de Deus parish, Saligao, Goa.

Sources: Rahul Alvares (Creepy Times), Clinton Vaz (Wild Goa), Suneel Korajjkar (Green Cross). Many thanks to these path-breaking conservation teams for their committment to Goa’s wild life & environment. Want to save Goa, our environment and wildlife?…join one of these groups…NOW!

Saligao, 6 May 2009



Comments on: "Snake Rescue Volunteers & Snakebite Treatment In Goa" (22)

  1. Hi, this article

    Snake Rescue Volunteers & Snakebite Treatment In Goa

    is really worth & should say a really good attempt to bring together all the names & contact numbers of the people involved in the work to save the species.

  2. Ramesh Shanker G. Gaoncar said:

    Saying is that “OLD IS GOLD” I also thought of it some time.
    Better to have our Goa in safe hands with safe & kind people to live a secured life with all sort of happiness.

  3. hi
    im clement
    can i get a job as a snake rescuer?
    please help

  4. Amay Vishwanathan Iyer said:

    I am a 12 year old snake lover .I want to learn how catch and rescue a snake , I had this wish of catching snakes from when I was a 4 year old . These creepy crawly creatures fascinated me .
    This is my dream . If you can fulfill this dream of me I would be very grateful to you all.

    • Please let me know if there are any snake rescuing training camps in Mumbai.

      • cyrus iarni said:

        This is Cyrus from mumbai , i m also a snake lover and fortunately i have a very good snake rescue organisation called The Adventurers and our Sir Mr Dinesh Gohil is very good at snake rescuing and handling.
        Contact Me for Further Deatils My No : 9892155639

  5. hey hi.. this is shreya here
    can u please let me know if there are any snake rescuing training centres in mumbai

    • cyrus iarni said:

      This is Cyrus from mumbai , i m also a snake lover and fortunately i have a very good snake rescue organisation called The Adventurers and our Sir Mr Dinesh Gohil is very good at snake rescuing and handling.
      Contact Me for Further Deatils My No : 9892155639

  6. Edmund anthony gurjao said:

    Today 17june 2010
    i was just looking goa365 channel. And i saw a boy name aaron fernandes. Snake catch man and i am big fan of his i really love to see the the way with snake. Take care dude. Catch me on face book or orkut

  7. Edmund anthony gurjao said:

    i was just looking goa365 channel. And i saw a boy name aaron fernandes. Snake catch man and i am big fan of his i really love to see the the way with snake. Take care dude. Catch me on face book or orkut

  8. Mune gowda said:

    Can anyone tell me where can i get trainin to save or rescue snakes n leave them into wild,

  9. hey!
    iI have been fascinated by snakes since a kid.And i want to help in protecting the snakes and wild life in Goa.i have been doing my bit in Vasco. contact me for snake rescue in and around vasco. no.9923239951
    And congratulations to you for this website and bringing few people to gather who care for our nature. This is a great initiative in protecting our wild life. Keep up the good work and may be because of your efforts some day we will have even those species in Goa which otherwise would have been extinct.
    Thank you

  10. hii.
    i am kshiteej i wanted to know if there are any snake catching and information regarding them centers in mumbai. my brother who is 16 is really fascinated by these reptiles and would like to learn from the pros.. so please if u have anybody who knows the bussines please kindy mail me on kshiteej or find me on facebook my id is kshiteej savardekar.. looking forward to hear from u
    thank you

    • Hi Kshiteej, I don’t have a contact in Mumbai, but Nirmal Kulkarni, a herpetologist from Goa will probably be able to help. Mail him at . You can also try and get in touch with Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS).

  11. Shane Pereira said:

    hi,i would like to be a snake rescurer in goa please help me become one

    • Hi Shane,

      2 people who will probably be able to train you in snake rescue are Nirmal Kulkarni and Rahual Alvares. Here are their email ids nirmal kulkarni
      Rahul Alvares

      All the best

  12. Thank you for the information. Yesterday, in our campus at Goa Institute of Management, Sanquelim, we came across what some said was a sidewinder (Padam snake in Hindi)! since it was my first experience with snakes, would say it was quite scary. I have circulated this url to everyone in the college and hope and pray for everyones (including the snakes) safety.
    -Dr. Jagrook Dawra
    Associate Professor, GIM.

    • Dear Dr Dawra,
      Thank you for your comment, glad this article could help. I’m sure snakes will keep popping up on your campus in Sanquelim, perhaps you could call someone from the Forest Dept. to come give your students a talk.

  13. Hi my self albert from velim goa I’m a snake wrangler if there’s any job plz let me know on this number 9689445744

  14. Terence Junior Fernandez said:

    I also rescue animal I m a part of Animals rescue squad (ars) in bardez
    Contact number 7588452230 / 7066254158

  15. […] Information and contacts taken from […]

  16. Thanks. Today a small snake was found in my flat at 3rd floor!!.Because of this article i found a guy who could catch and take it away. Thanks to you and Mr Suneel Mapusa.
    By the way i could help you to develop a full fledged website instead wordpress site.As you are doing great service to humanity i will develop the website at no cost

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