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Power to the People!

Power to the People!

From today and for the next 5 weeks the electorate of the worlds largest democracy will be casting their votes.

India has the privilege of holding the largest and fairest elections in the world. Something I’m really proud of J. So, all power to us, its people!!!!!

For those wanting to stay abreast of the 2009 General Elections in India, Vote Report India promises to be an interesting source of information.


Comments on: "Power to the People!" (2)

  1. Hello, wishing you a great new year. Regarding your comment: largest elections, ok, but from where did you get fairest? Did you compare them to other countries? Do candidates with more outside money do better than others with less money? Isn’t corruption a big problem in India? National pride is nice, but let’s not get carried away with superlatives. Much peace and love to you.

    • Hi Jonny, Thank you for your comment and the host of important questions you have raised here. The Indian electoral process is not perfect, yes there is a huge issue in corruption and there are institutes studying democracy and elections in India, like Lokniti in Delhi and we the electorate need to be questioning the process all the time.

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