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Hail Pink Chaddis

Hail Pink Chaddis

n1137520119_30280986_81481For those who are not Indian and don’t know what a Chaddi is, it is a underwear and yes, the Pink Chaddi Campaign is a rather odd name for a protest, but that is, until you hear how it came about.

A little more than a couple of weeks back, right wing Hindu fundamentalist known as the Shri Ram Sena barged into a little pub in Mangalore, a coastal town in Karnataka, dragged out the girls there and beat them up. All in full media glare. The group led by its chief Pramod Muthalik, were arrested and released on bail shortly thereafter.

Since the media was present at the beating up, the violent scenes of women being hit, flung to the ground and chased were run on numerous television channels for days on end. This highlighted and polarized the issue adequately.


Having hogged the limelight for days and strengthened by their experience the Shri Ram Sena went on to threaten that they would carry out similar protests for Valentines Day and get couples married should they be found together in public!

Drinking, wearing skimpy clothes, dancing, and unmarried young couples moving around in public, according to the Shri Ram Sena is just not Indian Culture. (gosh, do these guys need a reality check and paradigm shift in perspective)

While for some women this hooliganism was a terrifying reminder of the consequences of living ones life in relative independence, for others it brought indignation at the patriarchy and hegemony that still sort and fought for place in this time and age!.

3266029660_6fa0206dd8_b1The event itself is highly political and richly layered, allowing for numerous interpretations and analysis along caste, religious, class, patriarchal and economic lines. But keeping that aside, most women understood the event and the Shri Ram Senas agenda for what it was worth, the need to use the primordial controlling mechanism ‘fear’ to regiment society. And they decided to have none of it.

If the Shri Ram Sena could embarrass women by beating them up in public, the women of India know how to embarrass the Shri Ram Sena and so some of them got together and launched a nationwide Pink Chaddis Campaign.

So what’s this campaign about? Well its simple. Those who support the Pink Chaddis Campaign can either courier a pink underwear to Mr Pramod Muthaliks house, no he’s not running out of underwear 😉 its a potent mark of protest  or they can drop one of at the various collection centres in the top cities of India and hurray, on 14th February Valentines Day, the Shri Ram Sena will receive a consignment of pink underwear of all sizes, shapes and designs. How cooler can it get.


So don’t loose this opportunity to thump your nose at these right wing fundamentalist who want to determine how the billion people of this country ought to live their life, and what a women’s place should be, men and women please send a signed pink underwear


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  1. sospokesaroj said:

    Haha now it makes sense. I saw a group about this on Facebook. Here I am thinking “what do pink chaddis have to do with anything?” Now I know! 🙂

  2. These “Pink Chaddis” are really a slap on their face.. Guess the campaign will be successful if they can make these male chauvinists run around with these pink chaddis 😉

  3. when you talk about Indian culture. Indians will speak about respecting women. where ever they are , whoever they are.

    I would like to inform sri rama sena If you are Indians respect women and prove your self first then speak about Indian Culture.

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  6. myminddroppings said:

    Way to Go Lillian!

    These self-important rascals think that they are the “custodians” of Indian culture, and Indian heritage. They need to be told that as of now they are only the custodians of discarded chaddis. And if their behaviour does not improve, they will be wearing them in public.

    I sincerely feel that we should do 2 things:

    1. Start an fundraising campaign to set up 5- 10 hoardings (billboards) in prime Bangalore / Mangalore locations. These hoardings should carry a pic of Ram-Sena chief Pramod Mutalik festooned with Pink Chaddis. The other thing should be the URL of a web-site.

    2. On that website people should be encouraged to send in their videos and pictures that humuliate Ram-Sena and its Ideological brethren. These should be displayed prominently.

    Of course the right-wing hoodlums will deface the billboards but by then the news would get out and people would visit the URL which would denounce and HUMILIATE the saffron taliban. Ane they cannot harm a website.

    Nothing short of UTTER SHAME and SCORN needs to be poured on them.

    I have written about this same topic on my BLOG:

  7. Rohit, your suggestions seem like a brilliant idea to me!

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