Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together – Vincent Van Gogh

Mirror Mirror On The Wall,

Who Is The Best Among Us All

I do not know what the majority population of this country has to fear. But fear they do.

Like a crying baby they have bred it, Today it’s a demon looming over their heads.

Until people from the majority community, shake themselves out of their fear psychosis the remaining 20% of this country will continue to be tormented and harassed.

And yet the answers are not so simplistic, and are deeply rooted in caste, hegemony and patriarchal bias, that so symbolize the communal mindset.

One of brutality and so to brutalize.

The fear psychosis is only a symptom. If only it could be treated.

The toll since the anti Christian Violence began, from 24 August to ­ 29 September, 2008

14 Districts hit

300 Villages destroyed

4,300 Houses burnt

50,000 Homeless

57 People murdered

10 Fathers/Pastors/Nuns injured

2 Women gang-raped

18,000 Men, women, children injured

149  Churches destroyed

13  Schools, colleges destroyed

4  Districts affected

19  Churches attacked

20  Nuns, women injured

3 Churches damaged

4  Churches damaged

1 Church destroyed

4 Attempts made

1 Church attacked

2 murdered ­ aged priest and employee


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