Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together – Vincent Van Gogh


Small and frail,

Her dark face narrow and

Finely chiseled,

Perhaps weathered,

A nose ring glints,

Cheap plastic beads around her neck

Her commanding voice a cracking whip

She sits like the queen in her domain



In bright coloured salvar kamees,

She crawls to get around,

her tiny legs wasted by polio.

But she has strong arms,

which pull her agilely up flights of steps, into auto and out of them,

A black bag strapped on her shoulders,

She is ready to fly.



She is a fighter, who weeps,

She has poise and a stern dignity,

She is a story of dispossession,

A model against patriarchal suppression,

A lesson in empowerment

The little advocate from Kopalla,



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