Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together – Vincent Van Gogh

About me

I have been worked in the development sector for the last eight years and have spent many hours reading and discussing developmental issues and trends and how they manifest themselves in both collective and individual lives. In my search for answers through critical analysis, I have looked closely at issues like women, environment and consumers in Goa. I have also spent time in self study on social anthropology, to develop a more sophisticated understanding of culture and how it survives. During my brief stint at CSDS, Delhi I also spent time studying and understanding structural violence and how it is a systematic manifestation of hegemony, power, perpetrated in subtle methods that people are schooled in gently and over many years. I was particularly interested in the implications of structural violence on women. I presently work in the disability sector in Bangalore and it is clear that no matter the issue, the prism through which one looks and the tools of analysis are the same. What however is interesting is the novel and resourceful methods people in different socio, economic and cultural settings use, to cope with the by-product of development, and the conscious and unconscious resilience shown by those sections of people who are often dismissed off as the ‘trade off’ of development. These masses of ‘people’ finally translate into individual lives, each of whom are a microcosm of the system and a microcosm of resistance.

Thankfully, when I put pen to paper, much of these dense thoughts translate into very simple poetry. To me it’s a rich output. A thin slice, the cream of prodigious consumption. I consider my poetry (sometimes I hesitate to call it so, for it is free style and unconventional and more a form of ‘release’ rather than the urge to write ‘poetry’) layered. Using simple words it can be understood at a rapid read, yet within the simple words are also some sophisticated thoughts that can be teased out by a more discerning reader.


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